Do you know 30% of Cambodia’s territory is the wetland? 🌲🌊

Publication Date: 03rd February 2022
Authorized By: Young Eco Ambassador

🌲🌊Do you know 30% of Cambodia’s territory is the wetland? Do you know more than 46% of Cambodian live and work on these sites and 80% of the population relies on them for food?

The Ramsar sites or wetland sites are very beneficial to humans and nature. The wetland provides sustainable food, emits more Oxygen, saves water, provides shelter, protects erosion, maintains biodiversity and new creation on earth.

Wait Wait! We’ve mentioned a lot about the wetland, yet are you sure what is a wetland area? And how many designated sites are in Cambodia?

If not, please check the poster and meaning below na!

👉Wetland Note: This year 2022, to commemorate the 51st World Wetland Day “Wetland Action for People and Nature”, YEA Cambodia and the Wonder of Mekong project will initiate two activities include the wetland education content on social media and the community and school outreach program “Together Actions for Wetland Protection”. Thus, please follow our Facebook page for further information.

Poster Source of Information: MoE

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