Stay tuned for our upcoming events, volunteer, training opportunities and more!


Beyond the Bird_Exhibition & Launching Event✨🦚

Beyond the Bird_Exhibition & Launching Event✨🦚 👉To celebrate the YEA: Waterbird Generation Youth program wrap-up, Young Eco Ambassador is organizing a half-day event in Phnom Penh. We welcome the public to join this free-of-charge event to learn about our youth program, meet the bird guide tour team from SVC, and check out the communication materials such as the waterbird coloring book, stickers, and animation videos. The event will be held at Factory Phnom Penh with many interactive activities including: 📌on 26th November 2022 from 1pm to 5pm (Exhibition, Reading & Coloring Corner, Game Corner, Sharing Session from Waterbird Generation Members, Discussion session, and opportunity to join field study) 📌on 27th November 2022 from 9am to 5pm (Special workshop, Exhibition, Reading & Coloring Corner, Game Corner) Register for FREE (OPEN TO PUBLIC) : This interactive activity is incorporated and supported by: Ministry of Environment, Wonders of the Mekong, Sam Veasna Conservation Tours, BirdLife International Cambodia Programme, អេកូយុវទូត - Young Eco Ambassador. =========== Want to join the Mother Earth Lovers Community? make it right here: #YEAWaterbirdGeneration #OurJourney #WBG4Waterbird #MoE #WoM #SVC #BirdLifeinCambodia #YEA_Cambodia

Environmental Career Session II

Have you ever thought that a green career would be anywhere you are working for? Are you passionate about making greener impacts for Mother Earth? If that is YOU, you are invited to join our Environmental Career Session on various themes such as Research, Digital Communication, Conservation, and Business, to kick off the movement of the #Movers4ClimateActions Programme. 😱 👩‍💼Topic: Environmental Career 🎫Date: 23, July 2022 ⏰Time: 8:00 Am-12:00 Pm 🎪Venue: @Institute of Technology of Cambodia 🍄Enrol here: 🥛Please bring your lovely eco-bottle! 📌In partnership with USAID Cambodia, University of Nevada, Reno , FISHBIO and Movers (Movers Programme Community). 📌Organized by Institute of Technology of Cambodia, WE LAB - ITC (មហាវិទ្យាល័យវារីសាស្រ្ត Faculty of Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering), អេកូយុវទូត - Young Eco Ambassador . #USAID #RENO #FISHBIO #Movers #EnvironmentalCareer #SDG13 #ClimateActions #ITC #WELab #YEA_Cambodia

Mekong Discovery Day with Wonders of the Mekong (WoM) Project

Are you wondering about the richest natural resources of the Mekong River? There is no worry anymore, at the 11th Cambodia International Film Festival, you will explore many corners of this longest river in the SEA. What are you waiting for? Registering yourself and your lovers now right here: , to join a free-entrance screening video of the #WondersoftheMekong Project: Highlight the conservation value of the Mekong river’s ecosystem service, Habitats, and rich biodiversity, under the theme MEKONG DISCOVERY DAYS. 🐬We hope to see you very soon! 🎪Venue: Chaktomuk Theater 🎫Date: Thursday, 30th June 2022 ⏰Time: 11:30 Am to 12:30 PM (you are invited to join from 10:30 in order to explore the Mekong booths and other exciting activities) ***Free Admission, Free Gifts, Gain Valuable Mekong Knowledge 👉Want to join Mother Earth Lovers Community? make it right here: #MekongRiver #NationalFishDay #MekongDiscoveryDays #YEA_Cambodia #WondersOftheMekong #CIFF2022

Lecture Event: Earth Leadership - A New Earth Awareness and Engagement for the 21st Century

We believe that everybody is familiar with Self-leadership, Team leadership, and Community leadership, how about #EarthLeadership ? What’s it? How is it important to us as humans? If you aspire to know and learn more, you are invited to register for the special lecture event: Earth Leadership - A New Earth Awareness and Engagement for the 21st Century here: . Hope to see you and get inspired by you! Speaker: Christopher Lee, Founder and Principal Trainer of Human-Earth Development Center (HEDC) (HEDC-International) Date: 26 June 2022 from 09:00 AM to 16:00 PM Venue: RAJP (Royal Academy for Judicial Professions) Map: Note: 1. Only 20 seats are available 2. Lunch and afternoon refreshments will be provided 3. Please bring your own #refillable_water_bottle * Organizer: YEA Catalyst and Human-Earth Development Center (HEDC) (HEDC-International) #EarthLeadership #EarthLovers #HEDCInternational #YEA_Cambodia

WORLD FISH MIGRATION DAY 2022 with Wonders of the Mekong (WoM) Project

To celebrate World Fish Migration Day 2022, Fisheries Administration under USAID- Wonders of Mekong fund activity will organize the Fish Release at the ChakTomuk River, Phnom Penh in the morning of May 21, 2022 from 07:00 AM to 10:00 AM.


Greetings everyone! Anyone out there wishes to visit the Tonle Sap Lake in a lifetime? If it’s your dream, you’re invited to the Bophana Center to join the #PhotoExhibition under the theme of “TONLE SAP: Heart of The Mekong” to learn more about the fisherman's life on the river which was visualized by a talented and skillful Thai artist: Suthep Kritsanavarin through his photography. This photo exhibition event will be taken place: Venue: Bophana Center: Date: 03 May -31 May 2022 (For Public, Free Entrance) Time: 8:00AM-12:00PM (Morning Shift); 2:00PM-6:00PM (Afternoon Shift) Note: On the 2nd of May for Invited Guest ONLY! Facebook Page:  អេកូយុវទូត - Young Eco Ambassador គម្រោងអច្ឆរិយភាពនៃទន្លេមេគង្គ - Wonders of the Mekong #PhotoExhibition #LifeOnBelowWater #TonleSapHeartOfTheMekong #USAID #RENO #FiA #WoM

"The Cry of the Female Painted Stork"

The event was made to celebrate the completion of the song as well as to promote the water bird conservation in Tonle Sap Lake, and engage the public to learn about rare bird species in Cambodia. In addition, the opening session joined by H.E. Net Pheaktra, Secretary of State and Spokesman of the Ministry of Environment (MoE), and Mr. Neab Somnieng Deputy Chief of Office of the Department of Freshwater Conservation of the Ministry of Environment, Mr. Sean Mardy, from Sam Veasna Conservation Tours and inspired personal story by WoM project coordinator, Mrs. Chea Seila and display of video documentary and official lyric video of “The Cry of the Female Painted Stork”. Date: Friday 13th August 2021 Time: 09:00AM- 10:30 AM Location: Zoom Virtual Meeting


Taking part in the global movement on climate action and to celebrate Earth Day, Young Eco Ambassador in cooperation with Wonders of the Mekong project and FishBio is honored to conduct the online discussion under the title “Restore Our Earth, Restore Our Rivers” in the purpose to contribute what we can do to protect our rivers. 👉The discussion is attended by speakers from different organizations and institutions to share their personal stories, working experiences, their participation in conservation works and what we all can do for a healthier Mekong River, preserve natural resources, and protect our only home. The Discussion “Restore Our Earth, Restore Our Rivers” Broadcast on April 30, 2021. So, please STAY TURN for our discussion. Date: 30 April 2021 Time: 07:00 PM


To spread the love of the Mekong river, YEA: Mekong Generation I, created a Mekong Song Project called, “Machas Tonle” in 2019 in cooperation with Cambodian local singers, SmallWorldSmallBand x Peace Chong. Stay safe and watch Machas Tonle premie its first official lyric video online. Date: Friday, 12th of June 2020 Time: 7:00 PM Event Location: Premier Online

Volunteer / Training Opportunities

[IN-PERSON TRAINING] Mapping Water Quality Across Tonle Sap Using the FLAMe Training Workshop

Are you interested in Mapping Water Quality Across Tonle Sap Training Workshop? Do you want to learn more about the water quality sensors research and mapping system? If so, we would like to introduce the Training Workshop that hosted by Dr. Luke Loken. Luke Loken is a hydrologist at the U.S. Geological Survey. His research focuses on spatial patterns of water quality and chemistry. He developed the Fast Limnological Automated Measurements (FLAMe) to document variation in carbon, nitrogen, chlorophyll, turbidity, and other water quality metrics that has been used in many lakes and rivers. 🚤After theory training, we will have a demonstration for a half day!!! 👉When and Where? Date: 11th October 2022 Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm Venue: Himawari hotel Languages: English with Khmer Interpretation Only 35 seats are available 📌Register via the link below or scan QR Code: ​Deadline: 09th October 2022, 05:00PM A confirmation email will be sent on 09th October 2022! #YEA_Cambodia #MekongWonders #2023WoMTrainingSeries #Liminology #TonleSap

Movers Program​

The Movers Initiative is a youth-led movement under the Regional Youth Empowerment Programme that aims to support future-ready youth through 21st century and digital skills development, and empower them to take actions to support the SDGs in their communities. UNDP Movers, in partnership with makesense Asia, are on a mission to leave no youth behind; we aim to reach the most vulnerable groups and empower them through a train-the-trainer methodology.

[IN-PERSON TRAINING] Scientific Writing & Publishing: How to write and publish a winning paper training

*In-person Training Workshop* #WorkshopOpportunity 📑Are you passionate to start writing a study paper, but don’t know where to begin and who to help? If these are your distraction, let’s introduce you to a Scientific Writing & Publishing: How to write and publish a winning paper training workshop by Dr. Neil Furey. 📝 “Neil is a conservation biologist and received his PhD in Zoology from Aberdeen University in the UK. He has worked in SE Asia since 1997 and Cambodia since 2009, where much of his efforts have focused on developing capacity for conservation science through his work with Fauna & Flora International at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. He has acted as chief editor for the Cambodian Journal of Natural History since 2015 and published more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals.” ⏳ When, Where & How? 📌Please register now: (Free Admission🌟, 25 Seats ONLY💥) 📌Date: 28th July 2022 📌Time: 08:00 am - 12:00 pm 📌Venue: CKCC, Seminar room 1 📌Language: English ====== 🌏Want to join the Mother Earth Lovers Community? make it right here: #ScientificWriting #WoMTrainingSeries2022 #MekongWonders

[ONLINE TRAINING] Writing Effective Scientific Reports of Environmental Field Studies

📑Are you interested in how to write effective scientific reports? Do you aspire to improve scientific reports to stakeholders, colleagues, and donors? If so, we would like to introduce the Writing Effective Scientific Reports of Environmental Field Studies webinar by Ms. Erin Loury. 📝Ms. Erin Loury is the Communications Director and a Fisheries Biologist at the fisheries consulting company FISHBIO. She has managed multiple projects related to the establishment, management, and evaluation of freshwater protected areas (or Fish Conservation Zones) in the Mekong Basin, and has more than a decade of experience communicating scientific findings to broad audiences through writing, presenting, video, and imagery. Ms. Loury helps manage communications for the Wonders of the Mekong project and the Mekong Fish Network. ⏳When, Where & How? 📌Please register here: 📌Date: 27th July 2022 📌Time: 09:00 am - 12:00 pm 📌Via: Online via Zoom, Free Admission 📌Languages: English and Khmer Translation ====== 🌏Want to join the Mother Earth Lovers Community? make it right here: #ScientificWriting #WoMTrainingSeries2022 #MekongWonder


Wonders of the Mekong would like to cordially invite you to join us on Saturday, April 30 from 11am to 12:30pm! US professors, Dr. Kakani Katija and Dr. Kenny Broad will be giving talks about their research in underwater environments around the world! Dr. Katija will discuss the use of remotely operated vehicles to explore the deep sea, while Dr. Broad will share his extensive experience with cave and deep-diving research. The event will also be streamed on Facebook live for those who would like to attend virtually! ( Let us know if you would like to join using the following link! #WoM #research #underwater #mekongwonders #science #scienceinaction Location: AmCam Exchange (2nd Floor of the Exchange Square Mall).


☔️Do you aspire to have a #DirectTalk with a 40-year climatology expert from the US?🌏 🕹If yes! Who is he? He is #​AlanBasist who helps develop many land surface products from satellite observations, including the wetness index.🛰 ⏰If you are passionate to meet, share, discuss, and learn more from him and other participants on this 7th of March, 📌Please register yourself now: (ONLY 10 seats remaining) 📌Deadline: Your chance will be ended on the 3rd of March 2022 by 5:00 PM 📌Important Note: #Computer💻 is required for the training*** Location: Himawari Hotel Deadline: 3rd March 2022

[Virtual Training] 🌎 Satellites provide a unique global view of the water and River Flow

Meet Alan Basist who has more than 40 years of experience in climatology. He helps develop many land surface products from satellite observations, including the wetness index. The training workshop will organize as two parts training workshop: Part1: Online Training Workshop on February 10th, 2022, 9 am to 11 am (Cambodia Time) which will focus : Part2: In-person Training Workshop on February 24th, 2022, (Time and location will be informed later) Important Note: Computer is required for the training*** Location: P1: Online via Zoom / P2: (TBC) Deadline: 8th February 2022

YEA: Waterbird Generation Program

This year, in partnership with USAID’s Wonders of the Mekong Project, Sam Veasna Conservation Tours, Young Eco Ambassador is recruiting 12 new members to join our YEA: Waterbird Generation Program. The selected members will be working with our team to develop communication material (one bird coloring book, three animation videos), take part in promoting and co-host bird watching tour in January, and initiate a community and school outreach event which aim to inspire people about the importance and appreciation of the bird conservation as well as action that could be contributing to bird conservation. Location: Phnom Penh Deadline: 30 August 2021

NexGen Mekong Young Scientist Program Accepting Applications!

The Mekong-U.S. Partnership’s NextGen program is seeking host applications, providing up to 6-month research assistantships for research and project efforts in the Mekong. NexGen promotes interdisciplinary approaches to the complex challenges faced with the Mekong region drawing from disciplines within STEM, including the social sciences. Deadline: July 31, 2021

Youth Program Yea: Mekong Generation 2

The 6 months program is designed to provide our fresh graduates and university students with opportunities to develop their personal growth and to earn practical working experiences on content creation, blog writing, videography, and digital artwork, and graphic design with a series of intensive training, coaching, and fieldwork focusing on Mekong biodiversity and conservation. Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia Deadline: Monday, 22nd of June 2020, 12:00 PM