Earth Day 2022 "iNVEST IN OUR PLANET"

Publication Date: 22 April 2022
Authorized by Young Eco Ambassador 

Do you know that today is Earth Day?

Do you always hear about environmental issues but you have no clue about them at all? And do not know where to start?

If you think so, admin would like to introduce some summary from the “52 ways to invest in our planet” of Earth that you can try out and consider as a challenge for yourself and the environment. So do not find excuses, that you do not know how to protect the environment xD

đź“ŚLearn about Earth Day: Watch Earth Day live broadcast from Earth Day.Org on April 22, 2022, click this link for more information Earth Day.Org

đź“ŚRethink your daily activities: Because all our human activities contribute to both positive and negative effects on our only home. Thus you can think and find ways to compensate through daily activities such as calculating your carbon footprint, not supporting deforestation, composting kitchen waste, supporting clean energy, saving energy consumption, planting organic crops, buying sustainable clothing, using environmentally friendly cleaning products and so on.

đź“ŚDo at least one green activity a day: You can start doing what you can for the environment, for example, picking up trash on the road you walk through, but not going to pick it up from the dump, haha. Admin refers to cases where you go out in the park and see trash on the benches or on the street, please pick it up and put it in the trash bin.

đź“ŚFocus on “want” and “consumption”: You can contribute to end plastic pollution by starting your very first step (It is 2022, are you still using plastic cups and bags? ), switching to reusable water bottles, Switching to products that use glass or paper packaging, support the use of reusable utensils (plates, spoons), support businesses or campaigns that reduce the use of plastic, and explore alternative methods to stop plastic pollution, etc.

đź“ŚFind out more about other environmental issues: Follow environmental information and content.

đź“ŚShare with friends: After applying all these methods, do not forget to share to let admin and other friends know too naaa


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