Mekong Wonders

Episode1: Floodplain Forests

Publication Date: 06 April 2022
Authorized By: Young Eco Ambassador

Normally, to mention the floodplain forest, what will be appeared on our mind is probably #mangroveforests. However, have you ever thought of the #freshwaterfloodedforest? What it’s called?
🐸Floodplain Forest is a forest that is inundated with freshwater either permanently or seasonally. The forests are generally settled along the lower reaches of rivers and around freshwater lakes. Our world’s large flooded forests are seen located alongside the Amazon, Mississippi, Orinoco, Congo, and Mekong river areas.
How about the vital floodplain forest in Cambodia? There are Mekong Flooded Forest and Tonle Sap Lake Flooded Forest that stand as important for national and international interests.
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