International Day of Forests 2022

Publication Date: 21 March 2022
Authorized By: Young Eco Ambassador

Hey! Do you know Clark Kent? Do you know Superman? If Yes, it means you preciously know Forest since Forest is a Hero too.


#InternationalDayofForests2022 !

Since 2012, after the UNGA proclaimed 21 of March as International Forest Day, today is the 11th anniversary of the starting day that everyone worked tirelessly to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests. This year’s IFD theme for 2022 is “Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption.”

DYK! Forest is like a superhero for all of us. Although Forests and trees look inconspicuous like Clark Kent, they are like Superman in many ways. They are fighting against climate change. They make our cities more sustainable and less polluted. They safeguard our health by giving us a recreation venue. They cure land degradation and prevent biodiversity loss. They are OUR HERO!

How can we help OUR Hero? Please comment below!

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