Mekong River visual communication materials were developed in order to assist in the teaching and learning process to raise awareness and promote the connection between the Mekong River and the People. Different institutions and organizations’ work is featured here. Let’s enjoy learning and have fun! 

These Communication materials are for “Educational Purpose” only. To use the communication materials, please contact Young Eco Ambassador Cambodia via email: 

YEA: Waterbird Generation (2021-2022)

YEA: Waterbird Generation, a youth program supported by the Wonders of the Mekong Project and initiated by Young Eco Ambassador, to promote and raise public awareness of the diverse bird species and benefits of wetlands in Cambodia and promote long-term participation in the protection and conservation of these resources.

To celebrate the YEA: Waterbird Generation Youth program wrap-up, Young Eco Ambassador is organizing a half-day event in Phnom Penh. We welcome the public to join this free-of-charge event to learn about our youth program, meet the bird guide tour team from SVC, and check out the communication materials such as the waterbird coloring book, stickers, and animation videos.

YEA: Waterbird Generation Digital Drawing

YEA: Waterbird Generation Animation Videos 


The digital artworks from Mekong River Artists is a project created to encourage the public to learn more and increase the understanding of the endangered species, importance, and beauty of each species present along the Mekong River, where some species are threatened and endangered.

Learning through art will help children and young people to easily remember the appearance and key features of all these species. In addition, this is also an opportunity to show the great relationship between “art and nature”, as well as to contribute to the support and appreciation of  as well as to appreciate the work of young Cambodian artists.

Digital Artwork of Mekong artists have been featured in exhibitions, social media’s post, and production of shirts and stickers for environmental and the Mekong River awareness and public outreach since 2019. Click here to download.


People in almost every age nowadays love to listen to interesting, new, and original music!!! 

Young Eco Ambassador: Mekong Generation, are confident in doing an original song “Machas Tonle” with amazing young artists “Smallworld Smallband” and “Peace Chong”.  The strength and great connection between the Mekong River and people have faded away from generation to generation. People now are so much distance and almost forget about the river which once was the life of the people. The Mekong River is the source of nutrition, habitats, foods, transport, tourism, health, religion, and culture to the regions. Our ancient people were so grateful for the mother river and that was the reason the Mekong river came with many different names according to each region, written on the temple walls, and ancient festivals to remind people from generation to generation.

Many beautiful songs also were written in the old time to describe how wonderful and grateful our people were for the Mekong river. The act of forgetting what we should be grateful for causes lack of action, loss resources, and life. The song will bring a sense of freshness as if the listener lingers along the river, describing the scenery and biodiversity along the river, along with the author’s fantasy of the dolphin-human love which illustrates human close connection with nature. The deep meaning of the characters’ sincere feeling, the scenery and each scene written in the song will be eye-opening to the beauty of the river, and the priceless value of the Mekong River. We hope to send our love and gratitude to the Mekong River by sharing this song with millions of Cambodians.

You can listen to the Mekong Song “Machas Tonle” on Young Eco Ambassador Official YouTube Channel and stream on Pleng App by Smart. 

Coloring fish in our country By: Wonders of the Mekong Project

The book “Coloring Fish in our Country” is the first work of the Wonders of the Mekong Project, a project supported by USAID and partnerships with a number of organizations to work on raising awareness of the Mekong River and trying to present it. From the value of conservation work, ecological services, the cultural heritage and biodiversity of the Mekong River, which is a habitat for fish, a source of food for wildlife and humans.

This book “Coloring Fish in our Country”, is designed for children as well as their parents to learn about the species of fish found in the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers. In addition, while enjoying coloring, children can learn about important fish species with information such as Khmer names, English and scientific names, biological characteristics of fish life, and classification of rare and endangered fish species. Some extinct on the IUCN Red List as well. Click here to download.


[…The sound of bells ringing is waking up Kiri earlier this morning, Kiri woke up and started his day but today is not just a normal day for him. Looking through the window, there is a balloon cart near the wooden fence in front of his house. Among many balloons with different colors, Kiri is fascinated by one sprinkle red balloon. Little did he know that the red balloon is key to another universe where he could save the earth. Making new friends, fighting against monstrous creatures, a heroic adventure is waiting for Kiri…]

“Kiri” referred to the name of the storybook as well as the name of a character of a young brave boy who has the ambition to save nature and the environment​ from the great disaster.​​​ ‘Kiri’ book is a short, fantasy, adventurous and educational storybook, which is a significant education material that encourages and motivate children to express their courage, shape their thought, enrich their imagination, cultivate deeper understanding, and conception toward their dream and ambition. Reading and learning at an early age is essential for children and thus we are encouraging either parents or teachers who are interested in environmental awareness toward the children and students could get the ‘Kiri’ storybook free of charge or click here to download. 


With more than one thousand fish species in the Mekong River, we would like to highlight the 30 species through our game. To start the game, first of all, the players are required to pick one fish card. On one side of the card has pictures of the fish, and on the other side of the card, there is information about habitat, the characteristics, its migration, IUCN red list status of the species. Then the Players could start the game as an individual or team competition. 

The Puzzle Cube Game helps enhance players’ concentration ability, problem-solving skills, and patience on top of fun environmental education. Especially, we encourage bringing this Puzzle Cube Game to educational institutions at all levels, starting from primary school to high school so that children and youth are able to identify all these fish species more comprehensively and contribute to protect as well as to conserve these resources in the future. Click here to download. Let’s play the Puzzle! Let’s Explore!


The Mekong is estimated to provide habitats for at least 1100 species of fish. Some species are abundant on the floodplain and its wetlands, some favor lowland rivers, and some are found in tributaries, but all migrate between different habitats to reproduce and complete their life cycle, and they are facing some critical factors during their migration including overfishing activities, Illegal fishing gears, and Dam..etc. 

Thus, with the Fishing Game, the players will know several significant factorssuch as conservationists, protected areas, and floodingthat could maintain sustainable fishing. Moreover, the game also represents the livelihood of the local people​ as fishing has become one of their traditions for living especially for people who live along the river.

There are two players in the game, one represents the Fisherman and another one represents the Fish. And each of them will receive three types of cards such as identity cards, special cards, and instant cards. To win the game, each player has to collect the cards of their opponents as many as they can, yet the players must be aware that they have to spend their cards properly in order to go further in the game. The more cards they collected, the more chances they have, to exchange for the Treasure Cards to be the WINNER. Go Fishing! Go Spawning! Stay Sustainable! Click here to download “The Card Game”


Be part of the encounter between a young boy, Samnang, and a Giant Catfish!

The story of the long journey of a Giant Catfish trying to find a safe habitat in the mighty Mekong and Tonle Sap Lake with a kindhearted boy, Samnang, will bring joy to the readers.  

This book from “Save the Wildlife Organization” contains updated information on fish migration and the threats they face, for example, hydropower dams. This publication contains many games, coloring pages, and practical tips for nature protection and biodiversity conservation. Contact Save Cambodia’s Wildlife for more information.