The Cry of a Female Painted Stork

Publication Date: 15 March 2022 
Authorized By: Young Eco Ambassador

It began when 123 Painted Stork were poached and killed on 26 March 2020, the incident made Ms. Chea Siela, who is currently a Project Coordinator at Wonders of the Mekong project, start composting a song named “The Cry of a Female Painted Stork” to express her feeling toward this sorrowful event through the melody for everyone to reconnect with nature and to feel the love and loss and understand the grief when losing their beloved ones as the painted stork losing its partner. The song is specially written in the dedication of the loss in the natural habitat which is the one and only home to hundred-thousands species on this planet, including us as human beings, with the hope to make everyone becomes the friend of the earth, to learn more about nature, to create a love for nature, and to protect our nature. Her story will serve as a piece of inspiration to promote more women’s participation in conservation affairs.

About the Painted Stork
The name Painted Stork is as beautiful as the painting and their unique beauty makes them become one of a rare and graceful waterbird species. Along with its breathtaking beauty, Painted Stork is also listed in the IUCN list as a nearly threatened (NT) species due to its limited number from illegal hunting and the loss of its natural habitat which resulted from deforestation, degradation, and forest fire. It was once believed that Painted Stork is a loyal lover and will have only one partner in its lifetime, but when one dies, another one will fly around in searching for its partner until death. Would this dearly love story touch your heart?

Written by Chea Seila
Mixed and mastered by Ros Dararith and Rong Sereyvuth
Vocalized by Sun Sreypich
Digital Artwork by Mony Vongchanlumang
Video Editing and Animation by Sokun Vireakboth and Soen Tina
Supported by Wonders of the Mekong Project
Produced by Young Eco Ambassador (YEA Cambodia)

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