The Wonders Of Stung Treng Ramsar Site

Publication Date: 15th February 2022
Authorized By: Young Eco Ambassador

Chhumreap Sour all belove Cambodian!

Are you passionate to see the vulnerable Irrawaddy Dolphin by your eyes in your lifetime?

If yes, let’s we introduce you to:


DYK! The Steong Treng Ramsar Site of Cambodia is a green area which is covered by the beautiful flooding forests, islands, freshwater, and deep canyon. These are significant for the livelihood of many fish and bird species. Besides, this location is a combination of many freshwater islands which are attractive for the tourist destination. More importantly, it is the home of the critically endangered Giant Mekong Catfish and the vulnerable Irrawaddy Dolphin.

We, the Young Eco Ambassador Cambodia, strongly believe that everyone will act for the wetland and set a trip to visit there after reading this because it is a way to protect this wetland and the local community as well!

If you aspire to ask for further information about the wetland or trip, please don’t be hesitated to contact us via the comment below or our chat section. Many thanks!

Source: MoE & Ramsar
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