Celebrating #WFMDXGreenDay2022🐟🌍

Publication Date: 08 April 2022
Authorized by: Young Eco Ambassador

Celebrating World Fish Migration Day and Green Day 2022🐟🌍
🌈On the 5th of April 2022, Young Eco Ambassador Cambodia, Taramana Center, and our youth volunteers, organizing a joint-mission event #WFMDXGreenDay2022🐟🌍, to educate, empower and inspire kids to love biodiversity, fish, and the environment.
🥳We are so delighted to witness the kids smile, their loud responses, and active participation. Be noted that this whole day event participated by 100 students from grade 2 to grade 6. 👨‍🦱🧒
🌟Kids have participated and shared in a variety of activities below:
– Biodiversity and Giant Fish in the Mekong River 🐸
– Fish Drawing, Earth Painting, and Fish Flag Making🎏
– Plastic and its Negative Impacts 🥤
– Waste Collection and Sorting in Boeng Salang Slum Community ♻️
📚Via this platform, we hope our kids will grow as environmental care youth in the future.
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