The Stung Sen Ramsar Site

Publication Date: 20th February 2022
Authorized By: Young Eco Ambassador


Spot-billed Pelican is one among the nearly threatened species which is listed in the red list of IUCN and DYK Cambodia is the only home for them in the SEA? and why?

One of the sites that Spot-billed Pelican is living and growing is #TheStungSenRamsarSite , this core area is not just the home of this waterbird, but more than 79 bird species, 9 mammal species, and more than 94 fish species are spending their livelihood there. Besides, this beautiful and resourceful location is decorated by the flooded forests, waterbirds, and flooding-village which are crucial for Community-Based Tourism and biodiversity. 

These benefits remind me of the Khmer slogan “Cambodia is the Godden Land” the land that is full of diverse resources; however, these resources won’t be sustained without proper solutions. Therefore, we extremely need everyone’s action to save this HOME for all.

If you’re ready to join and protect the wetland sites, please comment OK below na!

Source: Ramsar and MoE

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